On this page you will find downloads to the source code of several of the projects I’ve worked one.

CrackedPlanet Game Engine

The CrackedPlanet engine is a game engine I’m currently developing. It uses MonoGame for graphics.

Several components are built in to make the life of a game developer a little bit easier:

  • Built in renderers
  • C5 collections + additional collections like the quad tree, oc tree and a spatial partitioning class
  • Json.NET for Json support
  • luainterface for lua support
  • Built in message system to deliver messages to unknown objects
  • IntX for large numbers
  • Farseer Physics Engine for the physics
  • Built in multi-threaded path-finding over a dynamic grid
  • Basic screen support
  • Basic UI components
  • Basic Texture collision detection
  • An InputManager to make input handling easier
  • Basic particle systems(getting a big overhaul in the near future)
  • Plugin support
  • Perlin noise and Simplex noise generators
  • Basic AI components for fuzzy logic or goal driven agents or behavior driven agents
  • BitHelpers to make working on bit level a bit easier


Platformer is a school project I’ve worked on with some classmates. The original source code had a lot of compiler warnings which is why is decided to cleanup the code. The code still isn’t the prettiest but it’s better.

This project is entirely written in c++ using win32 to display the graphics.


Karo is a board game I’ve made with my classmates for a school project. This game demonstrates c++ and c#. You will need XNA to run the game.

The Big Boom


This game is made for the Ludum Dare 23. You play as a Atom and must try to survive for 3 minutes and get as many points as possible. It has known compatibility issues because i use MonoGame. Installing this may resolve the problems.


The game I made for the LudumDare24 challenge.